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Sold or for free. You choose the minimum price

Denmarks largest online car auction

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Fast sale

The car was sold in 24 hours. It is the easiest and best way I have ever sold a car.

Jens Olsen
Secure payment

In my case, the money was transfered in instantaneously. Easy and elegant

Free support

Nice and kind service. Professional guidance. Always someone at the phone. All in all a good experience.

You decide

Got more for the car than my minimum price as well as more than what some dealerships had offered me.

Anja Mejer Dørr

More than 100.000 danes have sold their car on – Are you going to be next?

Denmarks largest online car auction

Why choose

Car sale in 24 hours

Enroll your car today and it could already be sold by tomorrow. We start new auctions all weekdays.

Secure payment

We approve all our dealers and make sure that you get a safe and secure car sale. Payment is made when the car is handed over.

Need guidance?

We are ready to help and guide you all weekdays between 08:30 and 16:30.
Call 70201661 or Email

Sold or for free

You decide the minimum price and only pay fees if your car is sold.
Read about fees

Quick and easy, from home

There is no need to drive out to see a lot of different dealers to get an offer for your car. On at least 4.000 dealers are ready to bid on your car.

Denmarks largest online car auction

TrustScore | reviews

You choose the minimum price

The minimum price is the lowest price you will sell the car for. If you are unsure regarding the price level, our car sale experts will be happy to help you. Call on 70201661 all weekdays 8:30 - 16:30

This is how the car auction works

This is how you do it...

Describe your car

Enter your car's registration number and fill in the information you are asked for. We guide you all the way. Remember to add pictures and you will achieve a better price, as it creates security for the buyer.

Decide your minimum price

State your minimum price for which you want to sell the car. If you are in doubt about the price level, our car sales experts will be happy to help you on your way (call 70 20 16 61). They can tell you more about what price you can expect to achieve before you enroll the car.

Enroll your car for auction

You register as a user and enroll your car for auction. We have new online car auctions all weekdays.

Sold or for free

It is free to enroll a car for auction and you only have to pay fees, if the car gets sold on You therefor have no expenses if does not find a buyer for your car.

Receive highest bid

During the auction, you can continuously follow the bids for your car. It can be quite exciting to see the dealers bidding each other up! If your minimum price is achieved, the car will be sold to the highest bidder above the minimum price. If not, you of course get the opportunity to sell the car to the highest bidder or try again at the next auction.

Delivery of the car and secure payment

When the car is sold, you agree with the buyer when the car is to be collected from your home. You receive payment on collection by a bank transfer (immediate transfer) so that the purchase amount is immediately deposited in your account. This procedure ensures that there will be no problems in relation to payment for the car.

Denmarks largest online car auction

Always the best price

Do you want to be sure that the price you are offered is the best? will find the buyer among 4,000 dealers who who will offer the highest price for your car.


Sold or free and you decide the minimum price

You have to pay a fee, if you car gets sold. If it is not sold, it costs nothing.

The size of the fee depends on the minimum price you specify when enrolling.

All prices in the fee overview are incl. VAT.

Fee overview

Your minimum price Fee*
DKK 0 - 9,999 DKK 1,760
DKK 10,000 - 49,999 DKK 2,560
DKK 50,000 - 99,999 DKK 2,960
DKK 100,000 - 149,999 DKK 3,260
DKK 150,000 - 199,999 DKK 3,810
DKK 200,000 - 299,999 DKK 4,460
DKK 300,000 - higher DKK 5,160

*There is a DKK 40 incl. VAT charge for each invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who buys my car?
Only professional car dealers are allowed to buy on All car dealers must be approved by us before they can bid. This ensures that you only meet buyers that we approve and vouch for.
Will my car be test-driven?
Your car will be test-driven once, and that is at the handover to the buyer. He or she buys the car as possessed and is therefore entitled to drive a short trip in the car. The buyer wants to make sure that the car is as described.
What happens at the handover?
When your car is sold, it must be handed over to the buyer. The transfer is agreed directly between you and the buyer. We advise you to arrange the transfer during our opening hours when we have the opportunity to help you. Our car sales experts are always ready with good advice and can be your ally in a possible after-sales dialogue with the buyer.
Will I get a better price if I sell the car privately?
Selling the car privately may give you a better price. However, there is also more work and risk associated with it. You must, among other things, agree on test rides with potential buyers, negotiate price, and ensure the buyer's identity and payment. With us, the price is agreed upon in advance and you save a lot of time and inconvenience.
Will I get a better price if I trade with a dealer?
The exchange price you are offered at a car dealer can sometimes seem more attractive. But typically you will also find that there is not so much to negotiate about on the car you would like instead. The most economical solution is to sell your old car before buying a new one. This allows you to negotiate on both cars and not just one.

Tips: How to get the most for your car

The more thoroughly you fill out your car description, the more trust you create with buyers, the better offer you get for your car.

Total Car Sale

Need time? We can do the work for you
If you don't want to make the cardescription and take pictures, we're happy to help. You just have to inform us of your reserve price - then we'll handle the rest. We call it Total Car Sale

Your location

2500,- kr.

+ Fee

You just have to inform us where your car is located, we will come and handle all the work. You will keep the car until it has been sold.

Our location

299,- kr.

+ Fee

You bring your car to our location in either Ballerup, Køge or Fredericia. You take the car home until it has been sold.

Denmarks largest online car auction

TrustScore | reviews


15. oct. 2021

5 stjerner

Alt forløb helt planmæssigt. Vi valgte løsningen, hvor Autocom beskriver bilen, tager billeder m.m. og alt forløb helt planmæssigt med super god service. Salæret er godt givet ud, da Autocom står for det hele. Bilen solgt mandag over mindstepris og pengene ind på kontoen fredag.


18. dec. 2014

Total god service!

Valgte Totalservice og skulle bare udlevere bil, nøgler og papirer til forhandleren. Pengene var forinden indsat på min konto. Nemmere kan det ikke være!


1. oct. 2021

Brugte Autocom Totalsalg

Brugte Autocom Totalsalg. Fra første kontakt - beskrivelse af bilen , fotografering , løbende opfølgning , salg, afhentning og afregning oplevede jeg kun professionel tilgang og håndtering. Yderst tilfreds.

Free personal assistance

Our car sales experts are ready to assist and guide you free of charge, every weekday 8:30 - 16:30. Contact us now at



About us

Autocom is an online car auction.

The principles are the same as at a traditional auction with hammer blows and bids from interested buyers. With us, everything happens online and within 24 hours.

We, therefore, act as the link between you who want to sell a car and the car dealer who wants to buy a car.

Over the years, we have sold more than 100,000 cars, and today is Denmark's oldest and most experienced online car auction.

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